Hardy / Cattail Miniature

Cattail, Dwarf
Typha minima

Miniature Cattail plant

This is the cutest, and smallest of all the cattails. How lovely to find a cattail that stays neat and trim in a small pot and doesn’t go crazy? Only 12-18” tall, and stays that way, it will still develop the characteristic brown catkin that typifies all cattails but this one is rounder and only about 1” in diameter. The fine medium-green foliage is dainty too. This is just one lovely little plant that looks great just about anywhere: Container, shallow edge of the pond or stream. You can winter this inside or outside, but it needs winter dormancy to develop the catkin.

Size: 12 to 15 inches

Zone: 4 – 9

Light: Sun to partial shade

Miniature Cattail plant