2019 Water Garden Tour Site Gallery

Site A Paul and Brenda

The natural hillside in the backyard is the perfect setting for the waterfalls, stream, and a 9’ X 15’ pond.  The pond is home to water plants and Koi.  Walk the path along the stream to the top of the hill to see the bog filter. This woodland setting is filled with shade perennials, garden art and fairy gardens.  The sights and sounds of this water feature can be enjoyed from the patio area.

Site B Tom and Jeanne

As you enter the backyard, the waterfall at the top of the hill flows down that natural slope to the pond below.  Tom built the pond 17 years ago.  The view of the pond and the sound of the water can be heard from the screened porch.  A large perennial garden with a dry creek bed is located along the back of the property next to the natural wetlands.  Take a walk along the path through this garden to view the perennials and trees.

Site C Bill and Deb

This site is a 2.5 acre wooded rural lot.  It begins as you enter the front yard with a selection of perennials, shrubs and special trees.  Be sure to look for the unique metal art and lighting throughout the landscape.  As you enter the backyard you will find a 20’ stream and pond area designed by Deb.  Walk the stone paths to the patio to enjoy the Koi and the sound of the water before you continue around the house to view additional plantings.

Site D Dave and Nancy

On this 5 acre wooded rural site you will find a 7’ deep DNR-approved pond dug from the natural lowland where goldfish multiply, fluffy wood ducklings spring from their high homes and deer strut the mowed people paths.  Walk the boardwalk around the natural pond to experience all that nature has to offer. To keep the Koi safe from predators, there is a pond located on the deck.  There are a variety of trees to see at this site.  Don’t miss the garden art created by Nancy and the garden room just off the deck.

Site E Don and Jackie

This spacious backyard with a natural elevation provides the setting for a waterfall, which begins at the patio level and drops 19’ during its 55 ft run into a pond measuring 18’ x 30’.  A number of flowerbeds, unique garden art, and an international and multi-state rock collection accent the water feature.  A patio and two walkways connect to a bridge that provides access to the pond.

Site F Phil and Marlys

Take the stone path to the backyard where a stream and pond are located next to a patio.  From the patio you can enjoy the fish, birds, and the soothing sounds of the water.  With a wetland at the back of the property there is also wildlife activity.  This shady backyard is home to mature trees with the pond area landscaped with annuals, perennials, and shrubs.

Site G Dave and Jody

This suburban setting includes the 50’ stream and a pond built by Dave in 2018.  A flagstone path leads you across the stream to the patio where you can enjoy the fish and the sound of the water. The view of the neighborhood lake adds to the atmosphere of the backyard.

Site H Steve and Jen

This site has two large pondless water features, the first is a unique 360 degree series of waterfalls in the center of the driveway area.  At the center, three large core drilled basalt columns bubble and spill water with three separate basins that recirculate the water for the waterfalls, built using Gitche Gumme trap boulders.  In the backyard you will find a 75’ pondless water feature with a series of waterfalls and streams.  The water disappears into a large underground reservoir at the edge of the sunken firepit area before it is recirculated by two 12000 gph pumps.  Landscape lighting throughout the landscape and water features make this property enjoyable into the night. 

Site I Dave and Cheryl

The 8’ x 11’ ecosystem pond was built in 2018 constructed with an Aquascape 1000 skimmer and the 2500 biofalls.  This water feature has a patio bowl that was modified with a spillway to allow water to flow into a pooling area.  From the pooling area the water flows along a slow moving stream then enters the pond.  Dave and Cheryl wanted to incorporate a decorative clay pot to be placed at the ponds edge with water flowing into the main pond.  A series of LED pond lighting also extends the enjoyment of pond into the evening.  Don’t miss the great outdoor bar area located behind the garage and the unique garden shed Dave built.

Site J Candace

This 1.2 acre lot is a park-like garden and a creative outlet for Candace. The pondless waterfall has a bog filter at the top where it flows in at the base and up through layers of rock and exits one way to a series of waterfalls and the other to a woodland brook.  The water is recirculated from a 10’ x 12’ x 4’ underground reservoir at the bottom of the water feature. The surrounding area includes stone and iron pieces, some created by Candace.  In addition, a larger natural pond with two small islands is ringed by annual, perennial, hosta, and vegetable gardens.

Site K Elizabeth

Bouquets of bee balm, lilies, lady’s slippers, astilbe, ornamental grasses, and more greet you as you enter the garden.  Graceful curves outline the perennial borders. The backyard slopes gently down the hill to the back border of the property.  The pond sits on this natural slope with a patio next to the pond filled with Koi.  The sounds of the waterfall can be heard throughout the yard and inside the house.  A whimsical aspect of the garden are the fairies and garden art nestled among the plants. There is an abundance of perennials, shrubs, and trees is see at this site.