Our Mission

To increase the enjoyment and enthusiasm for water gardening through promotion, education, and shared experiences.

Our History

In the summer of 1997, Jan and Mark Schreier sat by their garden and wondered if there was anyone else who had a pond and if so, would they be interested in getting together and sharing experiences and ideas. After a little investigation, they easily found over 40 people who shared many of the same interests. These folks founded and created what is now the Minnesota Water Garden Society.

Current (2016) membership is approximately 348. Members include master gardeners, garden designers, landscapers and horticulturists, along with experts on growing lilies, container water gardening, pondless features, care of fish and more. Since its inception thousands of water gardening enthusiasts have joined and participated in the society.

Executive Committee

Steve Stoltz
Steve Stoltz, President
Pauline Danielson
Pauline Danielson, Vice President
Vicki Strachota, Treasurer
Vicki Strachota, Treasurer
Marla Davenport
Marla Davenport, Secretary

MWGS Board of Directors

Marty Barke
Marty Barke
Geri Claytor
Geri Claytor
Jim Claytor
Jim Claytor
Allan Eldridge
Allen Eldridge
Anne Flipp
Anne Flipp
Norma Hustedde
Norma Hustedde
Soni Forsman
Soni Foresman
Jason Sykora
Jason Sykora

Key Contacts

Waterlog Content Editor – Jan Schreier  – mwgs@comcast.net

Waterlog Creative Editor – Warren D. Mosier warren@cornerstonecopy.com

Facebook – Anne Flipp –  aflipp@comcast.net

Marla Davenport – marlacdavenport@gmail.com
Mary Erickson – rmerickson17@aol.com

Water Garden Tour Co-chairs
Pauline Danielson – pdanielson@msn.com

Water Garden Bus Tour –Jim Claytor – geri.claytor@charter.net

Water Garden Tour Marketing & PublicityOPEN

MWGS Plant Sale Co-chairs
Steve Stoltz – mwgs2020@gmail.com
Jan Schreier – mwgs@comcast.net

State Fair Co-chairs
Allen Eldridge – abeldredge@comcast.net
Dick Flipp
Steve Danielson
Jason Sykora

Monitors for Tour & State Fair –Geri Claytor – geri.claytor@charter.net

Fish Acquisition / Storage / Sales –Marty Barke – Marty.barke@comcast.net

Meeting Program / Speakers – Steve Stoltz – sjstoltz916@q.com

Meeting Prizes –Board Members

Refreshments – OPEN

Membership –Geri Claytor – geri.claytor@charter.net

Outreach Coordinator – OPEN

May Picnic and September BBQ –Starr Platt – starpltt@comcast.net

MWGS Logo Merchandise –Star Platt – starpltt@comcast.net

Pond Pals – Norma Hustedde – whustedde@sbcglobal.net

Pond Parties – Soni Forsman – forslilly@aol.com

Sunshine Coordinator –Sharon Kirchner – JS_Kirchner@comcast.net

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