2022 MWGS Water Garden Tour Sites

Site A  Corey and Kristen

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Enter through the garden gate and you are welcomed to the majestic shores of Lake Siewert. This urban swimming oasis spans thirty by forty feet and eight feet deep by the falls. The crystalline waters are kept clean utilizing bog filtration flowing to an upper stream basin that cascades over the roaring waterfall. The pond is home to an array of water plants and a large school of goldfish, adding a wave of color as they pass. Unique rocks gathered from our travels adorn the river and shoreline. The surrounding grounds contain native foliage and pollinator gardens to attract wildlife giving you that north woods feel. Float the day away enjoying cocktails at sunset from the patio with a roaring fire to close your evening at Lake Siewert.

Site B Scott & Deb

In 2016 Scott and Debbie built their water feature, which resulted in a pond, 2 waterfalls with approximately 40 feet of streams. They did all the work themselves, including sourcing most of the rock and boulders from their hunting property in central Minnesota. They are constantly tweaking and adjusting the layout of the rocks to change the flow of the water. The beautiful plants and landscape around the pond create a peaceful area to relax and enjoy the sounds of the pond.

Site C  Susan

Susan’s yard will show you what can be done on a small city lot. You will find a pond with a waterfall and bog that contains goldfish and some leopard frogs that seem to find their way to her pond every summer. There is a variety of perennials and cacti to see. Susan enjoys spending time watching the fish and frogs as well as hearing the waterfall while working in the garden.

Site D  David and Anita

As you turn down their street you cannot miss this garden paradise. There is no mistaking their love of gardening. David and Anita moved into their Bungalow in 1998 and have been digging up the grass ever since. There are many different perennials, annuals, bushes and trees. As you stroll around the walkway you will also find a pond, some water fountains and water container gardens. There is plenty of fun yard decor to be seen. In the fall Anita plants over 1,000 flowering bulbs to enjoy in the Spring.

Site E  Tom and Cindy

Tom and Cindy have been water gardening for over 30 years. Their pond system has evolved into 3 ponds connected by a stream and now includes a bog filter. Entering the backyard gives you a zen-like feel, highlighted by a distinctive Katsura tree. The ponds are integrated into an interesting setting, with numerous gardens containing a mix of perennial flowers and grasses, as well as ornamental trees. The 1/2 acre property also has a swimming pool and is adjacent to the Dodge Nature Center.

McGinn pond photo1

Site F  Allen

As you enter the gate you will be immediately greeted by a pond with a waterfall under the trees. Step into the yard further and follow the running stream to the larger pond that is home to koi that have been around for years. This pond has two waterfalls that empty into it and can be heard from inside the house. There are several water containers that surround the pond and the landscape around the entire yard will not disappoint.

Site G  Bob and Sumitra

This koi pond was built on a hill with two retaining walls that are up to 8’ in height. There are two waterfalls, the larger cascades down the 40’ bubbling stream and ends in the bog filter. There is a screened deck which offers a view of the entire yard. You will find a paved walkway that takes you along the stream to additional features in the yard which include a fireplace, inflatable hot tub and a 9X12 movie screen for lots of entertaining.

Site H  Mary and Rick

As you enter the backyard, you will come across a flower garden, then a fire pit for family and friends to gather. Next comes the patio and pond where you can enjoy the sound of two waterfalls that flow into a 15 by 25 foot koi pond. This is where you can find Rick and Mary enjoying their morning breakfast or having a quiet supper as they listen to the sound of the water and watch the koi. The sound of the waterfalls can be heard in the house and the pond can be seen from many of the rooms. They enjoy watching the birds bathe in the steams and waterfalls and rest on the driftwood and rocks. Be sure to look into the perennial gardens closely to see vegetables scattered amongst them.

Site I  Chad and Mel

Chad and Mel’s pond was hand built by the family as a pandemic project. They filled it with fish from their grandfather’s pond in NJ, which he maintained for over 20 years. They loved being able to bring his beloved pets back to WI. The pond is very deep with an upper pond, stream and two waterfalls. It has a very unique modern feel.

 Site J  Jacob and Nicole

This beautiful oasis on the outskirts of Hudson and River Falls has a large waterfall with a 10’ elevation that runs down a 60’ stream into a very large pond. Jacob and Nicole recently purchased the property and it has been a huge undertaking which is still a work in progress. They added a dozen koi last year and were able to keep them in the pond over the winter. They are looking forward to showing their pond and getting helpful advice