Hardy Plants

Hardy plants are perennials that are hardy to Zone 4, that are not native to Minnesota.

Angelica plant

MN Native Plants

Plants native to MN are easier to grow as they are already adapted to our soil and climate. Need minimal care to grow.

Iris blue flag plant

Tropical Plants

Tropicals includes all perennials not hardy to Zone 4 and annuals. Great for all summer color and focal points.

Dwarf Papyrus plant


Nymphaea odorata

All waterlilies are sold as bare root tubers. Planting instructions are included: hanging basket planters are a good size, with plenty of heavy garden soil and fertilizer designed to be used under water. Tubers are priced by number of growing eyes and size of tuber relative to the size of the waterlily. We are also offering hardy versions of tropical crosses, known as Hardy ISG. These are rare waterlilies that bring new colors into the hardy market.

Waterlily Colorado plant

Lotus Plants

Nelumbo nucifera

All lotus are sold as bareroot tubers. Price depends on variety, number of growing eyes and storage capability (not size) of tuber. Large lotus will have larger tubers. In general, tubers costing $15 or more should bloom in this calendar year, given proper planting and growing conditions. Planting instructions are included: typically, a round tub 18-24” in diameter less than 12” tall is best. Plenty of sun and fertilizer.

lotus plant

Carnivorous Plants

We have chosen a variety of easy-to-grow pitcher plants (sarracenia) that are generally hardy. Grow using only rainwater or distilled water. Needs winter dormancy which can be done indoors. These are all 3–5 year-old plants bloom-mature. Care instructions available.

Judith Hindle Carnivorous plant

Other Items for Sale

MWGS will have a few items for sale relating to water plants including floating planters, lotus tubs and fertilizer. We also sell fish including Koi, Shubunkin and Goldfish.

koi fish