2021 MWGS Water Garden Tour Sites

Site A

Tom and Sue

The water feature starts at the top of a 6 ft slope and cascades 22 feet down the hill to a 15 X 10 foot pond with goldfish and water plants. 40 tons of boulders were used to create a retaining wall, garden terraces, waterfall and pond. A set of winding granite stairs descend the slope and crosses the stream. Among the many perennials and shrubs are some unique trees; Kentucky Coffee Tree, Kousa Dogwood (Milky Way), Weeping Larch (Puli), and North Wind Korean Maple. Don’t miss the metal garden art, concrete leaves, and wine fountain on the patio.

Site B Tim and Linda

This garden paradise is located above the Mississippi river basin. There are two small ponds, a waterfall, and 11 other fountains. The gardens are filled with structures and statues, including a screened gazebo and pergola/gazebo hybrid built by Tim. The yard is divided into different areas: a Japanese themed garden, a fairy garden, and a sunken garden. This landscaped yard filled with flowers and hostas along with the water features makes it a welcoming place for a variety of birds.

Site C  Raphael and Patricia

In September 2020, Rafael built his large pond, taking approximately 6 weeks to complete. The pond is about 8000 gallons: 16 X 30 feet and 4 feet deep with a bog filter. He designed a bottom drain that is a 4 ft X 8 ft long PVC pipe above the liner connected to a 6000 GPH external pump, to an Aqua Ultima 4000 bit filter with an Aqua 55 watt UV light and 5 return jets back to the pond. The pond has 15 Atlantic water garden color changing lights. 10 Koi make their home in the large pond. The small pond is approximately 2800 gallons and 4 feet deep where 7 one year old Koi live.

Site D  Tim and Rebecca

Tim renovated his pond in 2021 to improve the waterfalls and bog. The 3 individual liners were replaced with one large liner to prevent water loss. Two waterfalls come from the back side of the garage and flow into a large pond. Unique drift wood gathered from Lake Superior can be found around the pond and throughout the property. A second stream flowing from under the garden shed is planned to be added to the pond area. Don’t miss the stone bench with vintage door for the backrest, the creative window well design, and the use of a vintage truck for firewood storage.

Site E  Charles

This is a newly constructed water feature located uniquely in the front of the property. There is a waterfall with several drops as water flows over the boulders into this pond-less water feature. There is plenty of curb appeal in the early stage of development to catch your eye as you visit the property.

Site F  Richard and Jennifer

Enter the site through the gate on the right side of the house. This ¾ acre woodland setting provides a backdrop for the ponds and privacy for the property. The large pond is located just past the pool area.   It was designed and built by Jennifer 20 years ago. There are several waterfalls along a stream, surrounded by ferns, that provides the relaxing sound of water. In the lowest pond area you will find Koi with a unique Heron deterrent. Water lilies can be found in the upper pond with other water plants along the stream. Follow the path along the fence to a small pond at the top of the hill on the backside of the large pond.

Site G  Jon and Lisa

Enter around the right side of the townhouse. The winding stream has several waterfalls that leads to the pond near the deck and patio area. The sound of the water can be heard inside the house. Birds are not the only ones who enjoy the stream, the grandchildren enjoy sending the rubber ducks down the stream. Natural wetlands are the backdrop for this site.

Site H  Geno and Donna

Plants will be sold at this site.
Limited supply.

Sale prices. Cash or Checks.

The water feature was designed to create a up north getaway without leaving home. It is located close to the house so that the sounds of the waterfall can be enjoyed from the deck, patio and throughout the yard. Large granite slabs form bridges and steps from the bog filtration area to the pond. The bog, filled with marginal plants, feeds a small stream leading to a waterfall and the pond where 9 large friendly koi will swim over to greet you. A gazebo overlooks the pond with a short path that leads you across the water past a small lotus pond. Keep a look out for stone frogs and fish throughout the yard!

Site I  Ron and Jeannine

Gardens, water features, and paths were developed on this site over the past 46 years. The water feature in the front yard consists of a bubbler rock suspended over a small pond lined with Virginia Slate slabs. A paver path leads you to the south side of the house through numerous hosta varieties and leads you to the paver circle in the backyard. Another path on the north side leads to the main garden. Overlooking the garden is a little shack called “The Garden Reading Room”. The second water feature consists of a triple bubbler rock in a pondless setting. A miniature bubbler feeds a small creek under a paver bridge back to the main water source.