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July 27-28 MWGS Water Garden Tour

The 27th  Annual Minnesota Water Garden Society Water Garden Tour is July 27 and 28, 2024, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

July 27-28 MWGS Water Garden Tour2024-06-15T22:13:40-05:00

Taro Giant Upright $

Tropical / Taro Giant Upright $ Taro Giant Upright Alocasia macrorrhiza

Taro Giant Upright $2024-04-30T23:50:09-05:00

Sacred Lotus $

Lotus / Sacred Lotus $ Sacred Lotus Lotus nucifera species Your Content Goes Here

Sacred Lotus $2024-04-30T23:14:45-05:00

Fanwort, Carolina $

Floating Plants /Fanwort, Carolina $ Fanwort, Carolina Cabomba caroliniana  

Fanwort, Carolina $2024-04-30T22:14:43-05:00

A-1 Lotus Pot Size Information

Lotus / A=1 Lotus Pot Size Information Lotus Pot Size InformationMWGS member and Master Gardner, Jan Schreier

A-1 Lotus Pot Size Information2024-04-27T16:04:51-05:00

Toothache Plant $

Tropical / Toothache Plant $ Toothache PlantSpilanthes oleracea Upright herb with ball of

Toothache Plant $2024-04-25T19:50:10-05:00

Lady Bingley $

Lotus / Lady Bingley $ Lady Bingley Nelumbo nucifera Early

Lady Bingley $2024-04-27T08:44:26-05:00

Blue-eyed Grass, Mountain $

MN Native / Blue-eyed Grass, Mountain $ Blue-eyed Grass, Mountain Sisyrinchium montanum  

Blue-eyed Grass, Mountain $2024-04-24T12:40:14-05:00

Blue-eyed Grass Prairie $

MN Native / Blue-eyed Grass Prairie $ Blue-eyed Grass Prairie Sisyrinchium campestre  

Blue-eyed Grass Prairie $2024-03-24T15:16:17-05:00
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