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October 10 Annual Meeting

The October 10th Annual Meeting will be held in person at Bachman's on Lyndale at 2:00.  The program, "Winterizing your Water Garden"

October 10 Annual Meeting2021-09-12T23:41:53-05:00

A Successful Year at the Fair

This was our 20th year welcoming visitors to our MWGS Water Garden.  Thanks to Allen Eldridge and his team, Steve Stoltz, Steve

A Successful Year at the Fair2021-09-12T22:59:55-05:00


Waterlily / Moreii Moreii Nymphaea A great blooming performer of


Little Princess

Lotus / Little Princess Little Princess Nymphaea (Xiao Gongzhu) Beautiful

Little Princess2021-05-03T10:15:54-05:00

Giant Marsh Marigold

MN Native / Giant Marsh Marigold Giant Marsh Marigold Caltha polypetala

Giant Marsh Marigold2021-05-03T09:52:56-05:00

Taro Black Coral

Tropical / Taro Black Coral Taro Black Coral Colocasia esculenta 'Black Coral'

Taro Black Coral2021-05-03T09:31:20-05:00


Waterlily / Sunfire Sunfire Nymphaea Fairly new. Large salmon/pink blossoms


Water Poppy

Hardy / Water Poppy Water Poppy Hydrocleys nymphoides Best planted

Water Poppy2021-05-03T07:59:01-05:00

6. Floating Tubs

Other / Floating Tubs Floating Tubs Unplanted floating baskets to

6. Floating Tubs2021-03-31T20:29:35-05:00

3. Goldfish

Other / Goldfish Goldfish Various sizes available. Bring your own

3. Goldfish2021-03-31T20:28:24-05:00
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