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Virginia $

Waterlily /Virginia Virginia Nymphaea Hybridized in 1962 at Lilypons by

Virginia $2023-02-27T17:26:32-06:00

Chubby $

Waterlily /Chubby $ Chubby Nymphaea ‘Chubby’ Nymphaea ‘Chubby’   Nymphaea

Chubby $2023-02-27T17:22:03-06:00

Betsy Sakata $

Waterlily /Betsy Sakata $ Betsy Sakata Nymphaea Kirk Strawn hybrid

Betsy Sakata $2023-02-27T17:16:20-06:00

MN Native Yellow

Lotus / MN Native Yellow MN Native Yellow Nelumbo lutea  

MN Native Yellow2023-05-09T21:29:05-05:00

Floating Rings

Other / Floating Rings Floating Rings Build your own colorbomb floating island  with this floating

Floating Rings2023-02-28T07:32:34-06:00

Water Hyssop $

Tropical / Water Hyssop $ Water Hyssop Bacopa monnieri Native

Water Hyssop $2023-02-27T15:45:37-06:00

Water Hawthorn $

Tropical / Water Hawthorn $ Water Hawthorn Aponogeton distachyum Native

Water Hawthorn $2023-02-27T15:39:38-06:00

Taro Tea Cup $

Tropical / Taro Tea Cup Taro Tea Cup Colocasia esculenta ‘Tea Cup’

Taro Tea Cup $2023-02-27T15:18:09-06:00

Taro Pharoah’s Mask $

Tropical / Taro Pharoah’s Mask $ Taro Pharoah’s Mask Colocasia esculenta ‘Pharoah’s Mask’

Taro Pharoah’s Mask $2023-02-27T15:19:46-06:00

Taro Giant Variegated $

Tropical / Taro Giant Variegated $ Taro, Giant Variegated Alocassia macrorrhiza variegata

Taro Giant Variegated $2023-02-27T15:03:08-06:00
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