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The MWGS will be selling water plants and fish at the at the MN State Fairgrounds, May 6th thru 8th, near the Friend’s Sale Ticket Booth and the Grandstand.  Sale hours are Friday 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday 9 am to 2 pm.  There is no need to register this year.

There are two Plant Catalogs.  The printable PDF Plant Catalog includes descriptions and prices.  The Online Catalog includes color photos and descriptions.  Here are the links to the catalogs:

PDF Catalog          Online Catalog

Volunteers are needed to work in the booth. Members, follow this LINK to volunteer.

Please Note:

Small fish are available.  Large fish will not be sold at the sale this year.  The colder than normal spring weather has resulted in water in ponds too cold for fish that have been inside all winter.  Large fish can be purchased through MWGS member Marty Barke.
[email protected] or phone 952-929-7359

The following plants in the catalog are not available from our sources due to crop failures:
Waterlily Arc-En-Ciel
Waterlily Perry’s Fire Opal (we recommend substituting Waterlily Dallas)
Waterlily Gonnere (we recommend substituting Waterlily Perry’s Double White)
Sedge, Bowles Golden (we recommend substituting Sedge, Gold Fountains)
Mexican Butterflyweed
Taro, Black Marble
Taro, White Lava
Taro, Nancy’s Revenge
Taro, Hawaiian Punch