Please have patience in filling out the form. We are having many technical difficulties testing this with different PC’s Macs, Phones, Tablets and browsers. Some work better than others. Here are instructions that have been tested with three different browsers on a PC.


  1. The easiest browser to use is Google Chrome, you can fill out the form directly from the website. Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge require an Adobe Acrobat Reader and the blank form to be downloaded on your PC first. To prevent confusion, the following instructions can be used with Chrome, Edge or Firefox on a PC
  2. Go to the order form on the website.
  3. BEFORE YOU FILL OUT ANY INFORMATION, FIRST SAVE THIS FILE TO YOUR HARD DRIVE. Click on the “Save As” Icon. Please rename the file when you do this. We suggest “Your Name Order” and choose a file location you will remember.
  4. Once you have saved a copy, please EXIT YOUR BROWSER.
  5. Go to your files, and from your computer hard drive, click on the new file name to open it.
  6. Fill in the form making sure you fill in NAME, CELLPHONE, EMAIL and CHECK ALL PICKUP TIME BOXES that apply. Then fill in the quantities of the plants you desire. This is a two-page form, and the subtotals in the right column and order totals on the bottom should fill in automatically as you go. Make sure your quantities are correct. If you forget to remove the original zero, your order of “3” can turn into and order of “30”.
  7. Once the form is filled out correctly to your satisfaction, hit the “Save” icon and choose the same filename. You will be asked to verify that that file already exists and you want to save the new one. SAVE the file. Close the file.
  8. Now you can open your email. Start a new email. Attach the file to the email. In the “To:” line, type in Mark’s order email and hit “Send”.
  9. Congratulations! You are done. Mark will send a confirmation email that your order was received. Between May 11th and May 17th, your order quantities, final price and pick-up time will be confirmed.