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Water Smartweed
Persicaria amphibia


Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

For those of you who missed our 2022 Water Garden Tour, many commented on a beautiful tall pond plant at the Siewerts’.  Well, not to worry, we’ve propagated some from Corey’s plant just for you.  Water Smartweed is a very versatile plant with both terrestrial and aquatic forms which the literature has yet to decide if it is the same or different species.   When grown deeply in water, the lanceolate leaves will rest on water’s surface like a lily pad, and the flowers will rise above.  Grown on the edge of the pond or in the ground, it will rise to 4’.  Tightly packed racemes of pink/red/white flowers flourish from June through September making this a stately plant that does not need staking.

2-5’ tall.  Zone 3-10  Sun to Part Sun

Size: 2 to 5 feet

Zone: 3 – 10

Light: Sun to part sun

water smartweed 2