MN Native / Turtlehead $

Chelone glabra

Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

This Minnesota Native is best grown in bogs, streams, shallow containers or moist to wet, rich, humusy soils in part shade. Appreciates a good composted leaf mulch, particularly in sunny areas. Consider pinching back the stem ends in spring to reduce mature plant height, especially if growing plants in strongly shaded areas where they are more likely to need some support. In optimum environments, however, staking is usually not required. Slowly spreads by rhizomes. Snapdragon-like, white flowers (resembling a turtle’s head) with a tinge of pink appear in tight, racemes from August into October. Coarsely-toothed, lance-shaped, dark green leaves. Can be planted in natural waterways.

Size: 2 to 3 feet

Zone: 3 – 8

Light: Part shade