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Impatiens capensis

Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

This Minnesota native impatiens is unlike any annual impatiens you buy at the garden center. Yes, it is an annual, and like any Minnesota Native annual, it survives because it self-seeds. But this is a fun plant rising 3-4’ tall covered in orange/yellow-speckled snapdragon-like blossoms. Sometimes called “touch-me-not” for the fun way the blossoms “explode” when touched during the end of the blooming period. Grows naturally in part- to full-shade, but it will handle sun as long as roots stay constantly wet. And the self-seeding problem? No problem, as stray plants pull out oh-so-easily. Can be planted in natural waterways.

Size: 3 to 4 feet

Zone: annual

Light: Partial to full shade

Jewelweed plant