Hardy / Yerba Mansa $

Yerba Mansa
Anemopsis californica

Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

An herb native from Oregon to Southern California, we’ve been trying to source this for several years after a MWGS member grew one in her bog for years.  Voila, they grow in Arizona ponds like Water Celery in MN.  A call to the Greater Phoenix Pond Society netted enough plants to grow them out for our plant sale.  I picked up a solo plant last spring and drove it back to MN where it summered in my container garden.  A lovely plant with sturdy thick oblong green leaves which turn beautiful shades of gold, orange and red in the fall.  The flower is a spray of bright white petals surrounding a long cone-like stigmas. Propagates through runners, needs some winter protection.

Size: 12 to 24 inches

Zone: 5 – 10

Light: Sun