MN Native / Sweet Flag $

Sweet Flag
Acorus americanus

Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

Strong sword-like leaves stand green and tall all season long on this Minnesota Native. Tubers and leaves release a sweet fragrance when broken giving the plant its name. Somewhat insignificant flower spadix blooms in Jun/July. Grow this stately-leafed plant along shorelines, pond edges or in containers. Any place that needs a vertical green background. A true marginal water plant that tolerates the tubers submerged for long periods at a time, makes this a great plant for raingardens too.  It is thought that Native Americans played a role in the distribution of this plant since they likely traveled with and traded it; the root was prized as a medicinal remedy for common things like nausea, colds, and heartburn.

Size: 18 to 24 inches

Zone: 3 – 6

Light: Sun to part shade