Tropical / Umbrella Palm, Dwarf $

Umbrella Palm, Dwarf

Cyperus alternifolius gracilis


Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

A perfect miniature of the Umbrella Palm in every way. This plant looks exactly like its very tall parent, but will grow only to a height of 2 ½ feet. Therefore, if you like the look of umbrella palm, but have a smaller pond or container water garden, or if your full-size umbrella palm keeps falling over in the wind, try the dwarf version. In the winter, it is one of the easiest houseplants. Just keep it in a sunny window in a saucer of water that never dries out, or plop the plant in a Tupperware tub, if you don’t like watering that often. Its tall stems with spray of thin foliage at the tips makes a great contrast to fuller-leaved plants in the shade. Try planting one next to the tropical taro.

Size: 18 – 30 inches

Zone: 7 – 11

Light: Full to partial shade