Tropical / Bog Lily, Red $

Bog Lily, Red

Crinum menehune

Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

A beautiful clump of amaryllis-like foliage in bronzy/maroon-tinted dark green, that keeps its color all growing season. The foliage is beautiful in and of itself, and then it blooms! Like summer fireworks: Large, spiky deep-pink fragrant flowers that rise on dark red stalks are such a showstopper and make a marvelous contrast to the gorgeous foliage.  Plant in full sun to light shade this plant can be grown in the pond margin and in water up to 6 inches above the crown but is surprisingly tolerant of drier conditions. Everyone needs to have one of these in a container garden, or in a special spot really anywhere soil is constantly moist. It’s easy to keep this as a houseplant over winter, so you can keep the show going year after year.

Size: 1 to 3 feet

Zone: 8 – 11

Light: Full sun to partial shade