Hardy/ Water Hawthorne $

Water Hawthorne
Aponogeton distachyum

Hardy Water Hawthorne

Native to South Africa, a cool weather plant that will bloom when everything else is just getting started.  Emerald-green long oblong leaves float on the water.  Then a fork of small white flowers with tiny brown freckles and a delicious vanilla scent emerges.  If water temperatures exceed 90 degrees for any length of time, this plant may perish.  It will go dormant through the hot summer months, but comes back in the fall when temperatures cool again.  Some will plant this in the same pot as waterlilies because as one fades, the other emerges.  Thrives when water temperatures are 32-74 degrees in both spring and fall.  Plant in soil with top of pot 6-24” below water’s surface.  Protect from hungry koi.  Can easily winter as a dormant bulb.  Sprouted Bulb

Size: 2 feet spread on water’s surface
Zone: 6-10
Light: Sun