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Water Hyacinth
Eichhornia crassipes


Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

This is a tropical floating plant fantastic for filtration in the pond, biological filter, or container water garden (to be treated as an annual, here in Minnesota). Very glossy bulbous green leaves, with a gorgeous 2-day bloom of large lavender flowers. The entire plant floats on the water with full trailing roots. The roots absorb pollutants and nutrients from the pond, which competes with algae, and fish LOVE spawning in it. Plus, as it multiplies, it covers more surface area of the pond also starving algae from the sun it needs to grow. Water Hyacinth does better in Full- to Part-Sun. Will multiply fairly rapidly under ideal conditions.

Size: 6 – 12 inches

Zone: 9 – 11

Light: Full sun to partial shade