Summer and Fall 2021 Activities

The MWGS Water Garden Tour will be held July 24-25.  Monitors are needed for each site.

The Minnesota State Fair is still scheduled for August 26 thru September 6.  We will be hosting visitors to the MWGS Water Garden at the fair for the 20th year.  Volunteers will be needed to host the site.

Two Pond Parties are scheduled.  Pauline and Steve Danielson will host a party on July 31 and Chad and Mel Bowman will host a party on August 7th.  Check the Events for more information.

The Fall Picnic/September meeting will be held at the State Fair Water Garden on September 12th.  Members will be asked to bring their own picnic lunch and lawn chairs.  The garden and pond will be prepared for winter that day as well.

Until the Bachman’s Heritage Room is open again for meetings, we will continue to meet via Zoom on the second Sunday of the month from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Consult the Waterlog for more details on all events.

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