Please have patience in filling out the form. We are having many technical difficulties testing this with different PC’s Macs, Phones, Tablets and browsers. Some work better than others. Here are instructions that have been tested on iPads and iPhones.


  1. Before you begin you MUST first download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Once the reader is downloaded, Use Safari to go to the webpage and click on the order form. Once the order form is open, click on the Share Icon at the top of the page, and select ACROBAT Icon.
  3. Fill out the form. Be sure to fill in ALL the upper section with your NAME, CELLPHONE, EMAIL and PREFERRED PICK-UP TIME boxes. When you are entering quantities, be sure your quantity is correct. This is a two-page form, and the subtotals in the right column and order totals on the bottom should fill in automatically as you go. Make sure your quantities are correct. If you forget to remove the original zero, your order of “3” can turn into and order of “30”.
  4. When your form is filled out to your satisfaction, PLEASE SAVE THE FILE TO A DIFFERENT NAME. To do this, hit the Share Icon in the upper Right Corner and in the bottom pop-up box click on “Share a Copy”.
  5. From the next pop-up click on “Save to Files”.
  6. On the Next pop-up, click on the Name of the File. Default name from the Website is “MWGS-order-form4a” Change the name to something unique like “Your Name Order” and then click “DONE” (this just changes the name of the file).
  7. Make sure you are saving your file to “On My iPad (or iPhone)” and “Acrobat” is highlighted. Then hit “Save” in the upper right corner of that pop-up box. You may have to refresh the screen by hitting the home button and then back to files on the bottom of the page for it to refresh with your new name.
  8. Click on the new file name, and make sure everything is still correct. From this window, you can hit the SHARE Icon in the upper right corner. This will bring you back to the pop-up where you can “Share a Copy”. Click on “Share a Copy”
  9. Now you can click on “Mail”
  10. The file should automatically be included in a mail window with the subject line “your filename”. Type in Mark’s’s order form email in the “To:” line Mwgsorders@gmail.comand then hit Send.
  11. Congratulations! You are DONE! Mark will send a confirmation email that your order was received. Between May 11th and May 17th, your order quantities, final price and pick-up time will be confirmed.