2020 Member’s ONLY Plant Sale Order Forms


We have provided two order forms to use. One is in Microsoft Excel, the other is in Adobe PDF. You may use either form. All the forms work best from a computer (rather than a phone or iPad). Google Chrome seems to be the best browser to use if you have a choice. We HIGHLY recommended first saving the form to your computer (with a different name), filling it out, and then emailing it back to Mark at Mwgsorders@gmail.com

If you are having problems filling out the PDF form, we have created instructions for the PDF form only with PC/Mac users CLICK HERE and for iPhone/iPad users CLICK HERE. The instructions are a bit involved, so you may want to print them out first and then follow along.

You may also fill out the form, print it and mail it to Mark at 16168 Rindahl Ct., Minnetonka, MN 55345. Mark is also willing to fill the form out for you by either phone (612)803-7663 or JUST email your choices and quantities to Mwgsorders@gmail.com

Ordering is open from NOW until May 10th. You will receive a confirmation that your order was received within a few days. Between May 11th and May 17th, we will be verifying quantities available, and will confirm your order total, pick up time and final payment due.


From NOW until May 10th we are also receiving waterlily and lotus donation varieties and quantities from our members, and our website will be updated with these under the “Lotus” and “Member Donated Waterlily” categories. DO NOT use the order form for these orders. Between May 11th and May 17th you may phone Star at (612)803-7663 with your order. Star will be able to verify quantities at the time you order.

All orders must be paid with cash or check payable to MWGS during your pick up window on June 6th at 16168 Rindahl Ct., Minnetonka, MN 55345.

Thank you for supporting MWGS with your order.

PDF Order Form:  CLICK HERE: MWGS PDF order form

EXCEL Order Form: CLICK HERE: MWGS EXCEL order form

Return completed order forms to:  Mwgsorders@gmail.com