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One Pond Party is planned for summer 2021 so far.

Unfortunately Gary Degrande and Mary Boss had to cancel their Bastille Day party on Sunday, July 18th as Gary’s vaccinations are not giving him immunity due to his kidney transplant and anti-rejection drugs. We send prayers and positive thoughts for Gary and Mary.

New members Chad and Mel Bowman are anticipating meeting other ponders in person around their new water garden in River Falls, WI on Saturday, August 7th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.    To make a reservation, send a $5 check to the Bowman’s at 1031 E. River Drive, River Falls WI 54022.

Hopefully, by mid-summer more parties can happen.  This change depends on state and local guidelines regarding in-person gatherings.  At that time, each host will decide if they are still comfortable going ahead with their party and what guidelines, if any, such as mask wearing, will they ask attendees to follow.