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“KOI 101”

A presentation on everything you want to know about or didn’t want to know about Koi.

Presented by Michelle Gravenish, AKJA Certified judge.

Michelle Gravenish is an AKJA Certified judge who has been keeping koi since the early 2000’s.  She has also participated in ZNA judging seminars in the US and Japan as well as ZNA enlightenment seminars/weekends to add to her knowledge base.  Living in Bloomington Minnesota, she has adapted to the cold winters with a state-of-the-art winter system in her heated 4 car garage that includes a 4500 gallon tank for her larger koi and a 1200 gallon tank for her smaller koi – both with full spectrum lighting, sieves, bead filters and bakki showers.  Michelle’s local club is the Upper Midwest Koi Club (UMKC) and she has held positions as President, Vice President and Secretary and managed their website and Facebook page.  Michelle has served as Show Chairperson for the UMKC Show over the last few years.  She co-founded the Koi Keepers of North America Facebook group and serves as an admin.