Hardy / Pitcher Plant Scarlet Belle

Pitcher Plant Scarlet Belle

Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

Scarlet Belle is a cultivar (Sarracenia leucophylla x psittacina) with dazzling red and white pitchers. It is a compact plant with low, bell-shaped pitchers accented with white areoles (windows). The traps are nearly completely hooded around the small opening. They grow rapidly and well in the sun and shade, and remain compact in size. They can grow from wet to nearly dry conditions, and hold their color into the frost. The traps darken in the Fall to deep red maroon. The pitchers of Scarlet Belle often last for 2 years. The flowers are small, dark burgundy, and fragrant. They generally bloom from March to May before new pitchers fully develop. Scarlet Belle is an excellent addition to the front of your bog garden or in your collection. It is uniquely spectacular and will grow in northern zones with protection. This cultivar can be natural, but is rare, and is known horticulturally as S. x wrigleyana. Dark red forms of each parent were used to develop this cross. It is an officially registered cultivar. The name honors Bob Hanrahan’s daughter and wedding.

Size: 4 to 8 inches

Zone: 6 – 9

Light: Full sun

Sarracenia plant

Purchase Price: 3.5 inch pot – $15.00