Hardy / Pitcher Plant Judith Hindle

Pitcher Plant Judith Hindle

Hardy Plant Bloody Dock

Beautiful ruffled red maroon hoods. Young trumpets are green, laced with yellow, with a green and white ruffled hood. They soon darken to deep red maroon with white, yellow, red and green mottling in the hood. The paler colors turn pink with age. Judith Hindle is very showy in the fall when other plants nestle in. Trumpets tolerate light frost. The showy flowers are maroon red, globular, and mildly fragrant. They generally bloom from April to May before the pitchers fully develop.

Size: 8 to 14 inches

Zone: 5 – 9

Light: Full Sun

Carnivorous Plant Judith Hindle

Purchase Price: 3.5 inch pot – $15.00